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  • Q.What is Cat Payen's connection with SFM?

    A.Cat is an affiliate for the SFM and receives commissions for that. As Cat learned all her marketing here at the SFM she can give first had experience of the marketing training and tools within the SFM and is part of the top tier affiliates too.

  • Q.Does Cat offer 1 on 1 Consulting with her Customers?


  • Q.Am I Tied For A Long Period?

    A.SFM has a 30 day’s notice for its Basic Members giving you a 30 money back guarantee.  Stipulating that in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied or happy with the products and services you can request your money back immediately. As with all SFM and DEA products, the rules and regulations, disclaimers should always be read by yourself before purchasing anything.

  • Q.How Do SFM Pay Commissions I earn?

    A.Payments are made via bank transfers or Paypal once a month.

  • Q.Is There An Age Limit?

    A.You must be at least 18 years old.  The oldest member to date is 94!


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