moifullshotMy mission is to inspire a flame where there is a spark, to inspire freedom to just BE ALIVE is enough for me.  Every person has some joy in life but it gets gobbled up by the fear that is school taught and sometimes fed to us everyday by the people (adults) we love the most.  My why is to bring joy and honour to others, so that they shine and know they are worthy of peace. That's why people laugh when I am there and peace, ah peace is a vital part of life.


For me, yes there were terror barriers I had to overcome, yes I feel so strongly about helping others who are not yet as strong as I along their path.  Enough to say that I only last year found myself going from the "I had it all, live at home Mum" to the 'running away with my car, my children and my laptop' to no where.  The lessons I learned started here with my own life as an entrepreneur…

You can not imagine the hours and dollars I have spent learning, reading, training just to be on my own two feet!  I would definitely say that I am a bright person in all sense of the word where my joie de vivre is contagious! And like you I found myself reading the information about the SFM. I had no idea what was going on, I just knew that what they said made sense and yes I was fed up with living from paycheck to paycheck or less. At the time I had the choice either I paid the rent or my membership...


In the beginning it was very lonely on the internet especially as there were more webinars in the middle of the night 3am European time to fit the Americans...  So now the webinars are catered to more European times and this enables me to make sure your journey in the internet world is as blissful as possible for you

On my journey I have gathered more and more tools that really do help me every single day, for every day you have circumstances that life gives you and the only thing you can do is CHOOSE how to react or proact (if that's a word?!) and every time the way I get to grips with it all is BREATHE, CENTRE and CHOOSE.  Some times I am really proud of my self too! 😉


So let's hope your journey will be enjoyable... For I am a true go giver when it comes to helping others, often due to my superb tact... The show of happiness on your face are second to none and I cherish that feeling. This is why I arm myself with essential tools so as to cover all angles you may have...  I never give up, I never leave a stone upturned, and I find a way.


*Why the internet?*  Where else could you make such an impact? How else could you help so many people? To leverage the internet is immense, we are talking three billion users  all potential clients awaiting for my help! Beats commuting, cold calling, door to door sales... any day! This is a real chance that has been given to us. If you have some optimism in you no doubt you will see the potential.</p>


I feel like a gate keeper...(know Stargate?)

There are some powerful tools here and I have not only used them but I can get you access….


So if this gets your spark revving, do please do your due diligence and read all the information on the site, and then let's ignite the spark, keep that flame alive. Life is for living to the fullest, full speed ahead and let's not live with regrets!

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