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An Educational Platform

The educational platform is designed to  to help people get an education about an online business.  This is to ensure you get solid foundations and can then sore into new heights at whatever speed you choose. This also teaches you how to have it automated, as much as possible, so as to enjoy the new found freedom completely, otherwise it is just another job!

To the left you see an image of my back office and how you can navigate form module to module watching videos and doing the exercises.  The educational platform I use personally is the Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

This can be used by anyone and everyone, ranging from the local gardener to a lawyer, passing by the Dog salon, Dentists, Shoe shops, Local newsagents, to the dry cleaners and the grocers, either to bring their business online - commonly called digitalising your brick and mortar business or they may use it to start an online business from scratch.

How To Learn?

There are modules in the back office and you are guided through them either by videos, exercises to do, suggested reading lists, then steps online so as to guide you step by step. There are also live workshops where you get to interact with the mentors, notably the 'New Member Orientation Call' with Jay Kubassek himself.

The education is such that it is possible to ‘Earn As You Learn’. A system that Stuart Ross, one of the founders, put in place at it’s conception. The education you will obtain here ranges from mindset to marketing elite strategies, with click simple  tools to use.

Let us not forget the support team - rarely do I get this type of service elsewhere online, and the 'tech team' that all work behind the scenes to make this a smooth ride for it’s users, welcomes comments and feedback from us so as to continuously better the user experience.

There is also the community and the community website. This is where you exchange with other members, mastermind groups are there for the picking on all subjects possible and if you don't find the group that answers your needs - create one!

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